Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Leap of Faith

As the women sat and shared their stories of starting their businesses, you could see the heads nod and a feeling of relief enfold the group when they discovered that they were not alone with their fears and frustrations.

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage and like any step into the unknown, it can be a life filled with fear, doubt and uncertainty.  It certainly does not suit someone who likes routine, with no deviation along the way.

If you are bound and determined that your business will go in a certain direction, rest assured it likely won’t.  Living with ambiguity, especially at the beginning is what it is all about.

You don’t know for sure which aspect of your business will be your ticket to success, so to make sure you have all the bases covered, often the newbie entrepreneur offers a range of programs, services or products, in the hope that at least one will prove popular and take off.

One woman confessed that there were days when she got up, she hadn’t a clue what she was going to do that day, or she would come to the end of day and question exactly what she had achieved.  Spinning your wheels was a common thread among the group, along with partners who impatiently asked when the money was going to start to come in.

That’s why belonging to a group made up of other women in similar situations can be so encouraging, because no matter the type of business, the issues and emotions are often the same, and learning that what you are going through is normal and typical, makes the situation more bearable and hopeful.  It also can make you more focused and goal-oriented when you are held accountable.

This was just the first session but I am confident in the weeks ahead this group will bond more and really start to support one another in their pursuit of their dream.

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