Monday, January 02, 2012

Your Success is Our Business

Like many women, I am uncomfortable selling my “wares” especially when that actually equates to selling myself.

However, after hearing our guest speaker Kim Duke, I have a new attitude. “Think of ‘sale” as a four-letter word.” advises Kim “And replace it with another one – ‘help.’

Now that I could get. So often what we have to sell is solving a problem for someone else so in other words, we are helping them. I like that way of looking at it. I like the idea that what I have to offer is making a difference, and when I can get past myself, yes, this sale approach could work.

What are you selling? What problem are you solving? Does this perspective change your outlook on sales? When I used to run classes for women starting a business, one of the big questions we asked was what business are you in? Often it was not that obvious to the newbie owner.

For example, it could be said that through Company of Women I am in the networking business. But I would rather say that I am in the business of hope - inspiring women to realize their potential – personally and professionally. In other words, your success is our business. When I look at it this way, I feel empowered to sell, to help women connect with one another and with all that we have to offer.

So what business are you in? Think about it. Perhaps this different take on what you do, will help you sell and achieve your goals.

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