Saturday, January 14, 2012

Growing Your Business

What’s the best thing you ever did for your business? I can think of a couple of steps I took. First I joined a mastermind group and later after I had been in business seven years, I hired a business coach. 

Both involved some commitment on my part. I had to invest in myself, put out some money and do the homework but the return on investment was well worth it. 

Why? With a mastermind group you quickly learn that you are not alone with your fears and frustrations. Not only do others feel the same way, but together you can learn and create some practical solutions. Helping others realize their truth is also rewarding, as you start to realize a) you do know something and b) you can be a useful resource. 

So you don’t just learn from the business coach leading the group, you benefit from the objective input from your peers. And you need to leave your ego at the door. One time I remember presenting a sponsorship package I’d crafted. I thought I’d done a pretty good job but after a few choice comments from a marketing expert in the group, I realized my work was not done and it was back to the drawing board. 

However, it is the accountability that takes you the furthest. Having to report back each month makes you do the work. Excuses won’t wash and it is hard if you have to ‘fess up that you haven’t completed the task assigned. You also build a support network for yourself, one that lasts well beyond the six-month group meetings. 

Having a business coach was the next step up, but this is not always an affordable option for everyone. Her undivided attention for an hour on my business and my challenges, was well worth the money. The process also boosted my confidence, helping me realize that actually I did have business savvy, I just needed to fine tune where I spent my time and money. 

And just like counselling, there comes a time when you don’t need that support any more and you can stand on your own two feet, happy in the knowledge that, on the most part, you are headed in the right direction. 

As you look at what you need to do this year and what you want to accomplish, I really encourage you to consider joining a mastermind group. You won’t regret it and it is well worth the investment of your time and money. And aren’t you worth it?

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