Thursday, August 04, 2011

It’s a Small World After All

I know, I was supposed to be on vacation, but I couldn’t resist buying a British business magazine when I was in the UK.

The UK, as an aside, is a country that has a magazine for every topic and hobby, and yet few small business magazines, so I was interested to read Start Your Own Business.

You can therefore imagine my surprise and pleasure to find our very own Sarah Prevette of Sprouter, highlighted as one the top twenty young entrepreneurs. Her photo was the first one I saw as I turned the pages. Way to go Sarah.

But it made me realize that we really are doing business on a global scale. No longer are we limited to our local communities, and with the Internet, the whole world is open to us.

Makes me think of a song from my parents’ era – In his hands he’s got the whole world. Well you know what, so do we. It may be fair to say that the only limitations are those we place on ourselves. So think big, think global.

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