Saturday, October 03, 2009

What a Week!

Do you ever check out your horoscope? I read mine regularly and if I like what it says, I think great. If I don’t, I declare it a load of rubbish! I really should have checked mine this week. To use astrology jargon, I am sure mercury must have been in retrograde.

Why? Because nothing worked out the way it was planned – mix ups in appointments, serious computer problems and to cap it all – I hit a skunk on the way to work on Tuesday.

Now for those of you who are not aware of the potency of eau d’skunk, let’s just say as people walked up our driveway, the not-so-pleasant aroma swamped them. But I have decided it is all my husband’s fault.

Several months ago I swerved on the road to avoid hitting a deer – I mean this could have been Bambi. At any rate, I got lecture 22 on how you should never swerve to avoid animals, it was dangerous. So… I saw the skunk, did not swerve but drove straight ahead. I have to say, I was hoping that the skunk was right in the middle and nowhere near my wheels. But no, I hit it. The good news is the world has one less skunk, but the bad news is my poor car.

While I was driving and the car was moving, I was lulled into thinking I’d got away with it. But when we stopped in traffic, the smell just permeated the car. To give you a sense of how bad it was, it took them two days to “bomb” and de-skunk my car.

So the moral of the story is read your horoscope - because maybe then I could have seen it coming!

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