Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heading in new directions

I am in love. It’s early days, but this new relationship is exciting; it’s broadened my horizons, giving me the courage to go further and venture outside of my comfort zones.

No, I am not cheating on my husband, nor am I fantasizing after someone else. I’m talking about Gina – my GPS system. Like many relationships, there are times when I want to rebel and disobey but on the whole, I listen and just do as I am told.

It often surprises people when I share that I am a somewhat nervous driver, and in the past, this has limited me in where I will go. But with the GPS, I have new-found confidence and am finding my way around and driving to places that once were off limits.

Having someone, Gina, tell me when to turn, what lane to get into, takes all the guesswork out of going somewhere new. This way I can concentrate on my driving – which is not a bad thing - and going somewhere new is no longer the nerve-wracking experience that it used to be.

It is a bit like having a business coach. Just as now I can concentrate on my driving and reaching my destination, a business coach helps you to focus on the business and achieving your goals. With “Gina” on my team, I can be confident that I will get there and with a coach by your side, you gain more confidence in your ability to succeed.

And it doesn’t mean you hand over control. There have been times when I have totally ignored the directions, because I know a faster route and like a broken record, Gina recalculates the route – but eventually she gets onto the same path as me. Likewise, if you don’t like the direction you are heading in, change it. Listen to your instinct, it will guide you well.

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