Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doing Well, by Doing Good

Last night’s speaker, Peggie Pelosi, spoke eloquently and with passion about how we all need to get involved in giving back. She admitted that while she’d always wanted to, she would keep saying to herself, I will do this when… but “when” was never right at that moment.

It was when she was working for USANA, that she came to realize that when companies reach out and develop their corporate responsibility muscle, that it makes a difference – not just to the charity or cause, but to the employees and the bottom line. Today’s generation particularly wants to work for a company that gives back.

In our own small way, Company of Women has been making a difference. Through our Give Change to Make Change campaign, we have raised close to $2,500 for Opportunity International, a charity that provides micro credit loans to women in developing countries. As an organization that supports women entrepreneurs in Canada, it seems a good fit and judging by the generosity of my members, they think so too. It really doesn’t take that much. We just collect change at the end of our meetings and the toonies and loonies add up. And with a small loan of $84 we are changing the lives of others.

What can you do? Which cause would fit well with your business? Think about it. Even from a business perspective it makes sense. As we agreed last night, your business can do well by doing good. Start today.

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