Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just one more day to go and I will hand over the reception reigns to someone else. It feels good. While it has been fun to escape from some of the demands of Company of Women and to take on a different role, I am ready to get back to my own life and my own business.

Working the two shifts has been a stretch, but I've learned a lot too. I've been reminded how much I like being with people. When you work at home, the four walls can close in and you get tired of your own company. I've learned a new software program, and tested the old grey cells and was pleasantly surprised to discover they're still able to take in something new.

But most of all, I have watched my friend blossom and grow as she gains confidence, not only in her ability to run a business, but that people want to access her services. We all get doubts, especially at the beginning, when we don't know what we don't know.

So Monday I will be back at my desk, back in my comfort zone but back with renewed respect for all of you who live these double lives - employee by day, entrepreneur by night - now that takes energy, passion and commitment. Kudos to you.

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