Monday, September 04, 2017

Stop. Start. Continue.

September always marks a time of renewal, a time of transition as we move from one season to another, one school year to the next.  And for me the Fall has always been a fresh start.

The summer gives you more time to reflect and determine what worked and just as important, what didn’t in the previous months.   Each year at Company of Women we go through a stop, start and continue exercise.  Trouble is, we often didn’t stop anything, but kept adding to our plate!

Often the stops are areas where financially it doesn’t make sense in terms of the investment of time.   Another stop can be to stop trying to do everything yourself and delegate.  With my new admin help, I can tell you it is SO freeing.

 As for continue - while we are continuing with much that we do, we are also looking at ways to maybe do it differently.

 And for the start… well we have several exciting new plans. Back in March we started a strategic planning process that we are still working on, but we are getting closer to implementation.

Changes are scary aren’t they?  It can be a risk to change the status quo, but Company of Women turns 15 this September and if you don’t freshen up or reconfigure what you are doing, you run the risk of getting stale. 

So we have been busy - working on rebranding, our website and the type of programs we want to offer moving forward.  We are excited about our new “look” which will be unveiled later this month.

What I will share now is our new slogan - Success on your own terms.   Success means so many different things to each of us, but the important piece to remember is that it is YOUR definition of success, not your partner’s, not your friends – it is all about you.

And to help you get there, we are focussing on three pillars– business development, mentoring and leadership, and personal development.  Our goal is to provide you with the biz tools, connections and confidence to move forward and achieve success on your own terms.

So what are you going to start this fall?  What changes are you going to make to your business and life?  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

·      As you look at your business and life, what would you stop, start or continue? 

·      What could you delegate?  How would you spend that regained time?  

·      When you decide to continue something, ask how you can make it even better? 

·      Are there some ways that you can enhance what you are doing? 

·      Could you market it in a different way and spread the word further?  

·      What about something new?  Have you done your homework and thought it through?

Try it.  Going through this exercise can help you focus on what you really, really want.

And as for Company of Women – stay tuned.

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