Thursday, March 30, 2017

What's your definition of success?

There is a joke that the only time success is achieved before work, is in the dictionary.   But what is your definition of success?  And more to the point, are you working towards success on your terms or someone else’s?

I have been discussing “success on your own terms” in depth this week, because at Company of Women, that is our wish for you.  Your success is our success. But what does it mean?  How do you define your idea of success.

Much is written and appears on Facebook about achieving the six- or seven-figure income.  All you have to do is take this or that course and you have it made.  If only it was that easy.  And it does beg the question, why six or seven figures?

What’s wrong with earning less?  Does that make you a failure?  Less of a person?  I find this thrust to push people to fit a mould, to strive for something that is someone else’s dream somewhat fake.

We all have our own definition of success.  Yes, we need to make sufficient money to cover our basic needs and maybe a few extras, but that is maybe just one criteria for success.

Raising our children to be kind, caring and competent adults might be one interpretation.  Making the difference in the lives of others, can be another.  All I am saying is that it isn’t always about the maximum amount of money you can make.

For many women, living a more balanced life with the ability to meet the needs of family and stimulating work might take the prize.

No definition is wrong.  The key is that you have to own it.  It can’t be what your parents dream for you or what your partner seeks.  

It is all about you.  What you want, need and desire to live a fulfilled life.   So tell me, what is your definition of success?  Let’s talk.

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