Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Getting to know you...

Recently I had the amazing experience of taking part in an environmental photo shoot.  Now I just thought I was getting head shots done for an article being written about me, but no.  I had the pleasure of spending over two hours with the photographer and his team.

So what’s an environmental shoot, you may ask?   I had to look it up,  I confess.  Basically the photographer spends time seeing you in action, getting a sense of what you do, and through all that, what you are like.

I had to pretend I was presenting to a small group of women who were gathered together as my “props”  then converse with just two women and finally, what I had been expecting, the head shots.  

As I reflect on this process it strikes me that as small business owners, it works best when we do an “environmental shoot” too.   What do I mean?  When we spend time getting to know our prospective client, visiting them in their office or plant, we get to see them in action on their home turf.  It gives us a better perspective on who they are, what they will want and more to the point, how they like to be pitched.

All of which makes it much easier for us to present and close the sale.  Yes, it is an investment in time.  So was my photo shoot, but I bet you those photos will rock because after two hours, he has likely captured my essence.   And you can do the same with your customers.

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