Thursday, February 18, 2016

Will I ever learn??

It’s Thursday morning and my blog should be written and posted.

It’s not.  

I’ve been sick all week – oh nothing serious, just your common cold, but it’s amazing how low you can get.

So I have been trying to look after myself.  

Novel idea.  Slow down.  Not do so much.  

These are hard lessons for me as I am used to squeezing 26 hours into a day.

Usually my blog will focus on something I have learned or observed in the past week… hmm.   What have I learned??? 

1.              One brand of tissues is better than another

2.              Lip balm is soothing on your chapped lips.

3.              Not to go cold turkey on all the cold meds at once.

4.              A cold lasts seven days or a week no matter what you take.

5.              Food isn’t the same when you can’t taste it

6.              Reading a juicy murder mystery is distracting and I should do it more often.

7.              Life carries on, whether I am at meetings or not. 

So this morning I venture out, for the first time in a week.  My first concern is whether, in this cold weather, my car will start and I will get to my meeting, but if I don’t, I guess I should remember point #7.

Of course, the biggest lesson in all this, is not to push myself so hard.  But I seem to struggle with this one.    Perhaps I should pay attention.


Michelle sim said...

Oh Anne! How true. I was in terrible shape for two weeks after returning from The Netherlands! First jet lag, then 'the cold'. And yes, life carried on without me at full tilt! Thanks for the great advice....

Laurie DiLibero said...

I fall off the self care wagon often. The good news is I get back on. Thanks for the reminder.