Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pause for thought

Stop the bus.  I want to get off.  It’s only the second week in September and already I am feeling overwhelmed.

My inbox has over 500 emails waiting to be answered. I am now receiving the second email from folks, because I haven’t replied yet to their first one.

We’ve got 15 events this month – what was I thinking???  It’s not that I have to attend them all, I don’t.  It’s all the marketing we have to do.  It 

seems to get more and more difficult to get people to register early.  We now live in a last-minute society, which for an event organizer is stressful to say the least.

In an attempt to get a life, I’ve also upped our social gatherings with friends, which is fun, but sometimes feels like one more thing to fit into the already packed schedule.

And true confessions here.  I have three weeks of clean (at least it’s clean) laundry sitting waiting to be put into its proper home.

My conclusion – I need a wife.  Don’t you?

Throw into this equation my volunteer work which is also deadline-driven, renovations at the farm and you can see why perhaps I am about to topple over.

Now before you start sending me emails – remember my inbox is full – telling me to delegate more – I am, but that takes time too.

But then I get word that my cousin’s son has died suddenly of a heart attack at 47, and I get a grip on myself.   I can’t even begin to imagine her pain and her news sure puts my day-to-day gripes into perspective.

Sometimes when we are lost in our own mess, we forget that there are people, like the refugees, who are facing horrendous struggles and I remind myself that I just need to get over myself, suck it up and get on with it.

Time to take a pause and reflect on how fortunate I am – to have these opportunities, to live where I live and while somewhat frazzled right now, to have my health.

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