Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day by day - there is always something to celebrate

Did you know that February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day?  Now there is something to look forward toJ

I’m just full of pearls of wisdom these days, especially after my research on special events for my blogging session next week. I’d decided to produce a list of special events for the bloggers so they could write about and weave those dates into their editorial calendars.

It’s an unwieldy project. It is amazing just how many special days, weeks and months there are. Frankly you could spend every day celebrating something.   

While I think it is important that we give some thought and attention to the different diseases or situations in which people sadly find themselves in, you do have to wonder if someone, just bored with life, sits and thinks all this up.

And there are numerous websites - health, world-wide issues and then the somewhat wacky sites where odd events are listed.   I mean I am quite devastated that I missed Bubble Bath Day on January 8.  Darn. 

I also can’t participate in National Hot Tea Month which is celebrated in January – I don’t drink tea.

It’s not too late, however, for National Hugging Day on January 21st which was apparently created in 1986 by Rev. Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan. And then there’s Compliment Day on January 24. So we do have some positive moments ahead.  This one site even has e-cards you can send to celebrate the different days. What next?

But I couldn’t resist, I just had to find out what was celebrated on my birthday, apart from my birthday that is.  Not sure if there is some hidden meaning here, but it is Old Stuff Day.

Ah well, maybe I will just stick to my birthday.  Never mind the Old Stuff Day – maybe we should just make it Old Gal’s Day.

Just so you know, tomorrow, January 16 is Appreciate a Dragon Day. Good luck with that one.


Unknown said...

FABULOUS And Funny! Thanks Anne for a Great Pick me up! YES... there is lots to celebrate in life!

Unknown said...

Faboulous Article Anne! Love the humour! YES there is ALWAYS something to celebrate! Thanks for a Great Pic Me up...

Elaine Slatter said...

Yes, there is lots to celebrate. Sometimes we are so busy, we forget to celebrate. I love your sense of humour. So just for fun I'm going to check out my birthday too.

Unknown said...

I think I may actually know a few dragons! Thanks for a great blog Anne :)