Monday, December 29, 2014

Time to practice what I preach – be bold.

“You’re too subtle.” my friend advised.  “I know that is your comfort zone, but being nice doesn’t always win the race.” she added as she told me to buck up, promote myself and get out of my own way.  By her take on the situation, I needed to toot my own horn more about what we do and how much we offer women business owners.

Now deep down I know she’s right – on all counts – putting myself out there, bragging or aggressively going after potential members – has never been my style.  I don’t like to pressure people, but I am realizing, that in staying low profile and not telling people about what we offer, I am actually doing them a disservice.  They’re missing out on a great opportunity.  Because, as my mother would say, we’re the best thing since sliced bread.  There, that wasn’t so difficult.

Plus it’s a bargain at the price.  I checked around and other groups charge a lot more and their members don’t get that much for their investment – maybe two meetings a month if they’re lucky. 

Compare that to the 80+ events a year that we offer.  Now it could be argued that not all are conveniently located for everyone, but that’s why we host webinars.  With webinars you can stay home, be in your PJs if you like, and learn at your own pace and time slot.  What could be better than that, and if you’re a member, they are free, so the price is right.

I’ve been doing this for 12 years now – a long time in a business where groups come and go - often starting with great flourish to disappear into the sunset a couple of years later. Why is that?   Well if you are out to make a quick buck, this isn’t the gig for you.  It’s not that you don’t make any money, but it is a hard slog.  No, this is a labour of love. 

So what keeps me going?  I want to make a difference and I firmly believe at Company of Women we do just that.  Success to me is when I see one of my members, blossom, grow and make a real success of her business, or when I connect two people and the synergy takes over.

I feel we’re a class act, and I am proud of what we offer.  There, that wasn’t too difficult, but still not comfortable press-ganging people to join.  You see I want you to discover it for yourself – so check out our website –  Our slogan is Be bold. Be brave. Belong.   

Isn’t it time you did?  Make 2015 the year you invest in yourself.

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