Sunday, November 16, 2014

What’s your radio station?

I ask because at our Health Practitioner’s Network meeting today, our speaker, Gloria McDonald, talked about how when we are operating at one station, it is hard, no, almost impossible, to attract “listeners” from another station.

What did she mean?  As small business owners the message we send out will often dictate who we recruit as clients or customers.  So if we are operating on a low, uncertain frequency, not everyone will hear us, and our vibe may be viewed as negative rather than positive.

Whereas if we are sending out positive, confident messages, then we attract those that believe in and want to work with us.  In other words, if we are discouraged by our business, or have lost interest, or feel frustrated by the demands people place on us, potential customers are quick to pick this up, and we can turn them away, rather than turn them on.

As Gloria advocated, we need to look at the subliminal messages we send out as they impact how people react to us.  It is all about the power of intention.  If we have determined that we want to achieve certain milestones, then we need to focus our thoughts and energies on that goal, because then, it will all happen.

The key is the focus and intention.  But first you have to determine your goals, and be as specific as possible, as only then can you assess if you have achieved them.  When you focus your energy on what you want out of life, you meet the right people and opportunities appear that allow you to realize your dreams.

So look at the radio station you are striving for.  Is this the level you want to achieve?  Are these the listeners you want to attract?  Then make sure your message will deliver.

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