Saturday, May 24, 2014

Call me matchmaker or what...

Are you nervous? asked one woman.  She was enquiring about my conference which is fast approaching.  

I thought for a minute, and replied actually no.  It is always such a great day.  It’s like holding a party and having all my friends come.  

Lots of hugs, a few tears and a steady dose of laughter, what could be better for the soul? And yes, some learning too.

So no, not nervous.  Just trying to pace myself because it is a physically demanding event to put on.  All the detail, all the different elements to consider and preparing for what could go wrong.

I often joke that I must have been a wedding planner in another life because when it comes to the lunch part, I really try to put people with others that will either lead to business or potential partnerships or  support because they face similar challenges.

I remember last year one woman reported back that she’d actually landed a new client after meeting  over the lunch.  She sounded surprised.  I wasn’t.  That is part of what makes the conference so much fun for me.  It is connecting people whose paths may not have otherwise passed, but like a “connect fairy” you can make it happen.  What power.

So no – not nervous.  I've been weaving conferences for years. So bring it on.  Let the party begin.

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