Thursday, February 13, 2014

Close encounter with "death"

Have you ever heard of "the beach ball of death?"  Sounds serious doesn't it?

Well that has been my week.  My computer has been a bit of a prima donna for a while now, only allowing certain emails to join us, but this week, she said "enough."

Apparently when you get that colourful little ball twirling incessantly on the screen, it means your hard drive is close to full, and it cannot take another file, email or document.  Who knew?

Well I do now.  In fact, there have been times this week - a speaker cancelling and a venue bumping us - plus the usual barrage of emails, that I've felt my hard drive can't take too much more either. Actually bouncing a beach ball somewhere in the sun has much more appeal than sweating it out in my home office.

So - tomorrow the computer goes to get fixed, and I am going to treat myself to a reflexology session.  Seems to me that my computer and I are on similar paths, and it's time to stop, take a break and start afresh next week.

As for the beach ball, I get to play with one for real in March.  In 34 days, not that I am counting. And no, the computer is not coming with me.

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