Friday, January 17, 2014


Much is written these days about the fear of failing, but with the winter we are having, I am much more caught up on the fear of falling.

Yet if you think about it, there are some similarities.  When you are worried about making mistakes, you tend to move forward gingerly, just as you do on the ice.

Perhaps you plan your route, so you stay focused and don’t get sidetracked.  I know for sure, I am studying the lay of the land before I set foot anywhere.  And just as you have  a contingency plan in business, so too can you prepare for the worst, with sand, salt or  spiked shoes – or all of the above. I have been carrying my iphone in my pocket, so if I go out walking and fall, I can reach someone.  So emergency plans are in place.

But you can be going along quite happily, when whoosh, you slip and fall.  Just so with business, it can seem as everything is falling (excuse the pun) into place, when you get sideswiped and like a stack of cards, it can all come tumbling down.

Or you can do what I have resorted to lately which is stay put, not venture out at all and stay stuck in one place.  The trouble with that option, is it takes you nowhere.  Safe yes,  but truth is if you want to move ahead, sometimes you just have to take a risk. 

Yup, there’s quite the correlation here, but I find it much easier to risk within my business, than I am to risk my personal health, so let’s hope this icy patch doesn’t last too long, or I may have a severe case of cabin fever, and that’s not good either.

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