Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting to WOW

Can you remember when you had a WOW experience? 

What was it about the experience or product that captured your attention and led to such a high, memorable rating?  That’s just one of the questions asked by Michael Hyatt in his new book Platform.  Get Noticed in a Noisy World:  A Step-by-Step Guide for Anyone with Something to Say or Sell.

As I reflected on the question, a couple of occasions immediately came to mind, and each time it was the attention to detail, coupled with the atmosphere created that blew me away. 

One was the first ATHENA leadership conference that I ever attended, where its high calibre speakers impacted my life, creating a defining “ah ha” moment.  Based on that experience, I have since tried to replicate those inspiring moments in the conferences I have organized.  The second was a building, a club – the Verity Club - with its bursts of colour  (orange walls), beautiful artwork and atmosphere of acceptance.

So often the WOW factor is about going the extra mile; doing the unexpected that will grab the person’s attention. In both these instances, efforts were made to make the space or learning environment not only women-friendly but warm, with those little touches such as fresh flowers, that tell you someone cares, and that unquestionably a woman is involved in the design.  (Sorry guys)

So what can you do to create that same level of WOW in your business? 

Part of the secret to a WOW experience, explains Hyatt, is truly knowing your audience and not only talking in their language but demonstrating that you understand their challenges. As a result, you choose to provide a service or product that really addresses those needs, remembering always that it is not about you, it’s about them.

But it is not just about knowing your target group, it is also knowing and believing in your brand; and nailing down the detail to best message what you offer.  Doing your homework and checking out popular trends as well as your competition helps build that foundation.

As Hyatt says “you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  So you need to make sure that your package captures their attention straight away.  But, he cautions, let your designers have some leeway to create something innovative and different.

His favourite designs are simple and elegant and I would concur.  When we make the message too difficult to decipher, we lose out and dilute the impact.   Short, punchy and to the point says it all.

However, he also warns that we have to be clear on our messages and stick to our gut instinct and not let the designers get too carried away in the design element.  Last but not least, check in with your fans, he advises, they will quickly tell you if you are on track, or not.

Bottom line, the more clear you are on what you want to create – be it product or service – the better able you will be to provide that extra WOW factor.

And that is what we all want and deserve.

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