Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alone on My Desert Island

I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually had my house to myself for a weekend – no husband, no children, just me and the dog.

When we decided that my husband would go to a family wedding in the UK and that I couldn’t go because the timing clashed with our conference, I was disappointed. I still am, but I confess I am fast getting over it as I enjoy this time just for me.

At first I was plotting to have a bunch of girlfriends over to party, but that idea wore thin when I thought about the work involved.  Instead I opted for a weekend alone.  Can you imagine?  I got to chose when I got up, what I wanted to eat and when, and… I got to control the remote.  How cool is that.

Actually with everyone gone, I haven’t been watching much TV, more playing my music and reading my books.  Absolute bliss, which raises the question, how can I achieve this for myself on a regular basis?  I can’t really kick the old boy out every weekend, but perhaps I can eke out some “me” time, when I do what I want and am not at the beck and call of the family.

In fact, we all need that – men and women.  It is the one thing that gets lost in this juggle to manage everything.  Time just to be, just to be me. 

So while I am sorry to miss my niece’s wedding, I am grateful to her.  She’s given me the gift of time and space for myself.  Maybe when she’s been married a while and has children, I can return the favour.

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The Universe Lady said...

ummmm- I have me time a lot. If he's hungry he knows where the fridge is. I make evening meals for both of us if I'm here. If I'm making lunch or breakfast at the same time as he is I sometimes will make it for both of us if he wants the same thing as I do. When my adult children were still home, they fended for themselves except at dinner - if they were around. DIfferent story when they were younger of course. It's all about choice I think...