Sunday, February 05, 2012

David vs Goliath

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As the person who does not like driving, it is ironic that I find myself navigating my way   to work every day on the 401.

Some of my fear has gone but then when I witness a large, giant truck bullying the small car ahead of it, I remember why I don’t like to “run” with the big guys.  But does that mean that you avoid the highways, that you only take the side roads.  Probably not, it certainly would take much longer to reach your destination.

I was reminded of this the other morning when I watched a truck almost elbowing the small vehicle ahead of it into the slower lane.  At first the car resisted but as the truck menacingly persisted, the driver eventually moved over.

It’s a bit like running your small business.  Do you stay in the slow lane or do you venture forth and mingle with the big boys; with the giants who believe they own the road. 

It can be scary but one of the assets we have as small businesses is that we can move fast and be nimbler than the bureaucracy-heavy corporations.  We don’t have to check with layers of people before making a decision. And if we are savvy, we have partnered up with other small business owners, so that when a big contract comes our way, we can take it on with confidence.

One way to prepare yourself for ‘running with the wolves’ is to become part of WeConnect Canada, a non-profit organization that helps women-owned businesses become certified (and therefore recognized) by the Fortune 500 corporations, who have diversity policies.  Supplier diversity means that they have a policy in place where women-owned businesses are given the opportunity to compete for contracts.

Only two-years new to Canada, but with a sister organization in the US that has been advocating on behalf of women for years, WeConnect Canada is making inroads and truly helping women make the connections; enabling them to line up with the big boys, and in many instances, succeed in landing the contracts.

So while on the highway, it may be more prudent to just move over, when it comes to business – think big.  You have as much right as anyone else to be there.

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