Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lost in the Woods

The one badge I never passed when I was in the Brownies, was map reading.  A skill, my husband would attest, I have still not acquired.  So often when the kids were little and we escaped for a romantic interlude, we’d barely be speaking by the time we had reached our destination. My navigation skills left a lot to be desired, and of course, he wouldn’t dream of asking for directions.

Well, the other night I got lost again.  This time I was with a girlfriend and we’d been to visit a new friend in her home.  We got there OK, but coming home was another story.

One of the challenges of living in the country is at night, it is dark and one tree looks like another.  The road signs are hard to see, if there at all.  So we literally drove around in circles and whenever we reached a junction, I’d suggest turning one way and my friend another.

Eventually at one point I joked that I knew what my friend needed for Christmas – a GPS.  “Oh I have one “ she replied. “It’s under the seat.”  I laughed out loud and questioned why we hadn’t been using it.

Well we dug it out and sure enough it got us home.  We were miles away and definitely off the beaten track.

It made me think of when we start a business.  We don’t know what we don’t know, so eager to learn we listen to all the advise people are quick to give us. And like deciding    which way to turn, it is often conflicting.  Who do you listen to?  Someone, or something like the GPS, that has more expertise, who knows how to help you get there, preferably on the shortest route possible and with no tolls.

My advice? If you are a newbie to business, turn to experts like accountants, lawyers, marketing gurus for advice.  Filter the other suggestions and listen to your gut. Consider getting a business coach.  Otherwise you too could be going around in circles, lost in the woods.

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