Sunday, November 20, 2011

Power of Women

Recently I witnessed first hand the strength of women working together to support one another.

I was attending the WeConnect conference which brought women entrepreneurs from across Canada to learn more about how to tap into corporations that operate supplier diversity programs – i.e. they encourage and support women-owned businesses to apply for their contracts.

The group I was in had spent an hour discussing the merits of mentorship and how best to run a mentoring program that was a win-win for all involved.  The challenge was finding the necessary funds to run the program in a professional and organized fashion. 

The recorder for our discussion group then reported back to the whole audience and advised them that we needed $15,000 to make the program happen.  She worded it in such a way that it became almost like a live auction and before we knew it, one woman business owner offered up $5,000 towards the program and within ten minutes, $12,000 had been raised.

It was a magic moment and demonstrates how as  women we have the power and influence to make things happen.

Kudos to all who signed up.  And yes, my cheque is in the mail.

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