Monday, February 15, 2010

I am Anne. I am Canadian.

Have you got caught up in the Olympic fever? I’ve never really been much of a winter sports follower, but having the Olympics here in Canada makes a big difference. I have to confess when I watched the official opening, I found myself tearing up. I am a Canadian by choice, as I am originally from the UK, but on Friday I felt I was all Canadian., and proud to be so.

It was moving to see all the young athletes who are striving to do their best and hopefully bring home the gold, silver or bronze medals. As the camera turns to the parents of some of the athletes you can feel their sense of pride too. As a family, no doubt they have made many sacrifices to get their young athlete to this level of competition. What joy it must be to see them succeed.

Talent isn’t enough to win at sports, there’s an element of luck and the mental attitude and focus to enable you to visualize yourself winning. In April we will be having a panel of athletes to talk about that winning attitude which you need in sports and in running a business.

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