Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Perfection Optional

Some people are born entrepreneurs. Right from an early age they have that entrepreneurial spirit. My daughter was 12 when she started her first business – Kids Klub, running a summer camp for local kids from our street. She learned a lot that summer and really it is not surprising that today she is onto her fourth business.

But not all young people are that enterprising. Take the young lad we hired this summer to try and tame our gardens. It has been interesting to watch him in action. First he was very timid. Not sure what were weeds and what was meant to be there, so he only removed the obvious sinners. Gradually he has become more confident but his approach is still be very much to focus on one area and make it perfect.

Perhaps because I want more instant gratification and I only have a certain amount of time to devote to the task, my strategy has been more wide-spread. I tend to attack and remove all tall offenders so that the overall garden looks OK, rather than having just one section that has been neatly groomed.

It’s just like owning your business, you quickly learn that you can’t just focus on one area and that striving for perfection isn’t necessarily the best survival tactic, as often there are several demands on our time. We don’t have that luxury. As entrepreneurs, we have to multi-task and be able to turn on a dime to deal with issues as they arise.

Our young gardener is an archaeology student, more used to being on a dig and studying his find, rather than making quick decisions about what goes, and what stays. No doubt he will do well in his chosen career.

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