Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Feeling mellow after a week away from the office - no phone, no email, no people… I am not quite ready to settle back down to work. Somehow I want to extend the break from the old routine. So I have decided to declutter my office.

Now this is a major task. We have bets on in the office as to just how long this will take me – but I have allowed a week. While we may be trying to save the trees – I think a forest landed in my office. Where did all this paper come from?

The challenge too is that it has to get worse, before it can get better – so right now you can barely see the floor as I spread out my stuff trying to make some order out of chaos.

Now is not the time to pop in for a visit, although I might be glad of the excuse to have a break. No – I have to keep ploughing on, set up some systems that I might stick to and get myself free.

And it is freeing to get rid of stuff. I remember last year we got a dumpster delivered and I filled it – full. Full of files and papers from committees and boards I’d sat on – but long since left; reports I had written and keeping just in case.

So I have come a long way, but I guess there’s always room for improvement. Must go – the recycling bin is calling.

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