Friday, November 14, 2008

Down with Negativity

Surround yourself with positive people was one of the key messages in a recent talk given by Mac Voisin, President of M & M Foods.

“Get rid of all the negative focus in your business and personal life” he advised. “They take up too much negative energy, he claimed, and just pull you down.”

Voisin is clearly the ultimate optimist and when he, and his lawyer brother-in-law started M & M Foods, they really didn’t have too much to be positive about, but they always looked on the bright side. If asked how things were going, they would put a positive spin on it, even when they knew business was slow; and sure enough, the business grew.

Back in the 80’s the concept of buying ready-prepared food was a new one, but as more and more women entered the workplace, these time-starved customers loved the idea.

Today M & M Foods has over 400 franchises across Canada and is getting established in the US, under the name of My Menu. Voisin also attributes their success to:

 Hiring for attitude, training for skills
 Customer service
 Comprehensive training for staff and franchisees
 Listening
 Staying focused, not getting sidetracked
 Doing due diligence on locations, products, etc…

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