Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mompreneurs - A winning combination

Recently I have had the opportunity to connect with several mompreneurs. It is exciting to see how they have been able to combine running their businesses with raising their children.

Several had identified a need because of their own experiences and started to develop a product or service to help fill the gap. Others have turned their talents into opportunities to work from home, so they are there for their children during these crucial years.

I congratulate them on their wisdom and their conviction that they are on the right path – because it takes courage to break away from the corporate track and start out on your own.

Many of these mompreneurs have been nominated for the Mompreneur of the Year Award, and as I read their profiles, I found myself hoping that they are reading them too, as I could see the potential of some great strategic alliances if they connected with one another.

And it is a small world. Now I always knew that but as I connected with the women, several times I found we had something in common – be it people or our paths. All of which goes to emphasize how important it is that we stay connected, that we support each other and that we build our community of women because together we are strong.

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Melanie said...

Hi Anne,

I love the blog. Great writing and I like the topics. Especially since they seem so relevant to me right now. One of my main current goals is to get out of my own little cocoon and build networks and alliances.

Keep up the great work. Can't wait to read more!

Melanie McIntosh
Inspire Retail Solutions