Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In the past I have always tried to see the best in people, but lately my faith has been sorely tested.

Take the 20 copies of Courage to Succeed that I provided on consignment to a women's group, on the understanding that as they sold, the money would be paid. Well over a year has lapsed and while I have tried on several occasions to get the status on book sales, and better still, some funds or the books back, I've been thwarted at every turn and given the run-around. So what started out as a supportive gesture, has turned into a costly mistake. Clearly, I totally misjudged the character of the individual involved and frankly I feel I've been taken for a ride. Who knows where this will end - maybe in court - but regardless, it leaves me with a sour taste and a more cynical perspective. I won't be so generous the next time someone asks for a favour.

Then there's someone who is bad-mouthing me, and worse still, lying about a situation to anyone who asks. Again - what's the answer? I've always believed in staying professional, in taking the high road and letting business disagreements stay where they belong, between those parties involved. But it's hard when others don't operate under the same rules and values. Do you enter the fray and get down to their level? Or do you just walk away, with your dignity in tact? In this instance, it's much easier to let it go. It costs too much in negative energy to pursue it further, and as someone pointed out...people who know me, know who to believe.

At times it does seem like a dog-eat-dog world out there, but personally I don't have the appetite for it.

PS - March 2nd. After much reflection, I have decided to let go my pursuit of getting my money or books back. My only hope is that the books have gone to women who will be inspired by the stories.

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