Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Tonight I attended the YWCA's Women of Distinction Award Dinner. What an inspiring evening, as we watched video clips about the women who were receiving the awards, and later heard from them in person.

Several were strong advocates for the rights of women - to live a violence-free life; to be an elected public official; to pursue a career in science, or to discover their unique and special talents. Each used their acceptance speech as an opportunity to speak further on issues of importance to her.

The most touching story was of Beatrice, who seemed to overcome tragedy after tragedy from sexual abuse as a child, to being a sex trade worker, to the death of her young son.

Today, she is training to be a community worker, helping other women to get on track with their lives, just as she has done.

I admire her inner strength to keep going, to keep striving for a better world, for herself, her family and other women.

It made for a powerful evening, one full of inspiration and a reminder to all of us that we still have a long way to go before women are equal in our society.

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Anonymous said...

The hardest part of anything is the fear of the unknown. It's even harder when you have been led to believe that you are not worthy of any sort of respect as Beatrice most certainly experienced. I admire her tenacity, her ability to face her fears and her genuine desire to overcome all those obstacles in order to show others how to move on. Bravo to her and those like her. Thanks for the story Ann. Living la vida fearless, Janet Auty-Carlisle Fearless Living Coaching Services